Ok, this is an Instagram of a photo of a photo because a) I don’t look great and b) I’m still in London and this is on my camera.

But The Trip to Italy talk with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon was a lot of fun. The first good news is that it was filmed and will be released as a free Apple video podcast via. iTunes. So the actual content of the interview can be found there in due course. Both Coogan and Brydon seemed in great spirits and it was everything you’d want out of seeing them on stage together. They did a ‘Ronnie Corbett-off’, discussed Coogan’s habit of cliff-diving whenever they came across a cliff despite Michael Winterbottom being angry because he had no insurance, showed some clips from the show that I haven’t seen before, and of course took a lot of audience questions.

Another great thing was firstly that we had the middle seats of the front row, so we’re sat right in front of the pair of them, and Boyd Hilton who was interviewing them - that was a nice surprise! - and secondly we were expressly told we could take photos. And so I did. They’re on my camera, but prepare for a photo spam when I get home.

At the end, Brydon left sharpish but Coogan signed some bits and did all the fan stuff. In fairness, it’s not like Brydon ignored people, it’s just a small theatre that doesn’t lend itself to hanging around (well, it’s actually four rows of seats at the end of the store floor) and he got out before anyone could say anything. He signed a page of my book (I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone so didn’t bring anything proper!) and I asked for a photo…

I was shaking a lot - combination of vast amounts of caffeine, my natural shaky-ness anyway and nerves - and thankfully Coogan asked me if the photo has come out alright, which it hadn’t. So we repeated the process, to no better result. And again. Then we tried doing it with him literally holding my hand with the camera in steady. That bought slightly better results but still pretty dire, so finally someone else came along and said they’d do it - which is the above photo.

Oh, also, I had my iPad on my lap during the talk, threw that aside to go and talk to Coogan afterwards, and forgot to ever retrieve it. I realised and went back eventually, but that was awkward.

So yeah. That was my day.

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