It really pleases me that the above Johnny photos, which have turned out to be quite iconic, at least among fans of The Smiths, were taken at UEA (the university I go to) at the venue literally just down the path from where I’ve lived for the past year. It even looks so UEA-esque in the photo; for those unfamiliar with UEA, the main campus is composed of infinite amounts of concrete and very little else. I can’t quite pin-point exactly where this might be - if it still exists. I’ve only once had access to backstage and it’s basically just a maze of such concrete corridors and dressing rooms. And I have a feeling much of it was freshly painted (by UEA standards) so all that writing on the walls is unlikely to exist.

I’m yet to go to a full concert at this venue (the LCR) though I’m on the verge of booking a few things, and I have performed there in the Headlights comedy showcase (hence why we had backstage access). I have a feeling I’ve read somewhere that the venue has been renovated at some point since ’84 (when The Smiths played there), but until I know for sure I’m gonna go ahead and claim that I’ve therefore performed on the same stage as The Smiths!

When Johnny was back in Norwich on his solo tour earlier this year he played The Waterfront, the other gig venue owned by the Union of UEA Students, rather than the LCR.  I’ve been to quite a few gigs at Waterfront. Its capacity is smaller than the LCR but it still brings some great, if often slightly more ‘cult’-ish, artists to play there; in the past it’s hosted the likes of Nirvana, Pulp and Paul Weller. 

I’m not entirely sure what the point of this post was – it’s just quite a nice personal link for me and it gives a little bit of insight into the musical history of where I spend most my time now!


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