The Fall
The Waterfront, Norwich

As probably goes without saying by now, the band sounded amazing. And, as I always say, the venue’s great for these type of iconic groups who have such an enthusiastic following  - it has a really intimate feel to it and the compact audience means it gets lively very quickly. The intimacy’s also useful because you can see every bit of what’s going on, even when Mark’s sat down behind the amps, as of course he spent much of the set doing. Mark seemed in a relatively content mood (for Mark at least), and when not lurking at the back of the stage was quite reactive with the audience. He handed out the mic to us a few times, and was making eye contact to an almost staring contest-like effect which was amusing and unsettling in equal quantities. 


Unsurprisingly, Mark never made it back onto stage for the encore. So the guy next to me ended up grabbing the mic and passing it round between a few of us so we alternated singing lines. The lead singer from the first support band, @DingKhan, who was by this time in the audience, got on stage and took over the second mic. Security got straight on him, but he put up a real fight and put the mic properly inside his mouth so they couldn’t get at it. He got quite a pummeling, as you can see in the picture - it took 3 or 4 security guys to finally drag him off. They were quite vicious, but then again he wasn’t giving in! And of course someone took the microphone of the lead and walked off with it - I don’t think that ever made it back.


As you’ve probably gathered - the setlist. Sorry it’s upside down, but hopefully you can just about make it out. The order was changed a little and they only did a one song encore in the end (not sure if that was due to the above events or what).


A few more photos from throughout the show!

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