UEA Headlights and Late Night Gimp Fight Comic Relief Showcase

All in all I think all the hard work that’s gone into this definitely paid off, and it was a lot of fun to be involved in.

Our half wasn’t without its flaws (mainly the timing - starting late and overrunning caused a bit of stress for people, though it turned out alright in the end!) but we got some laughs and the sketches themselves seemed to go pretty much to plan. Though at one point during one of my sketches The Archers theme tune suddenly started playing over the speakers which was unexpected… I think we more or less kept it together and it did get a laugh!

Late Night Gimp Fight though were truly amazing. They had constant laughs throughout and for good reason. Their live sketches and filmed sketches were meticulously timed and all hilariously sharp and clever. I can see why all the society members who’d seen them at Edinburgh were so enthusiastic and excited about having them do this with us.

Top-left: Me with Jezza (named after Jeremy Clarkson - who hosted University Challenge in one of our sketches; the rabbit was the UEA team mascot) aka. Gimp Bunny (gimped him up in honour of the headiners). — Photo by @carbaret_keeley

Top-right: Late Night Gimp Fight opening projection.

Bottom-left: UEA Headlights opening projection.

Bottom-right: In the LiveWire radio studio on the Headlights show, doing a final plug before the showcase. 

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